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The Meeting has been ***POSTPONED***

HurricanErica2015The Meeting has been  


due to upcoming storm and its impact on PBC EOC

More information will follow.

TOPIC:                       Location, Location, Location 

                                                    Transitioning the County’s  9-1-1 System to GIS

                                       20 S. Military Trail,
                                       West Palm Beach, FL  33415
PRESENTERS:            Chuck Spalding – PBC 9-1-1 Director
                                     Beth Norton – PBC Public Safety GIS Specialist
ABSTRACT:                     Today, as in most of the US,  9-1-1 calls are routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) using various methods. For wireless 9-1-1 callers, the ‘face’ of the cell tower sector that they are connected to is programmed locally to route the call to one of seventeen 9-1-1 call centers throughout the County. Cell phone signals are not restricted to municipal boundaries, resulting in some misdirected calls which must be transferred to the correct PSAP.
We will discuss the County’s migration to a ‘next generation’ 9-1-1 system, geospatial routing of calls, and projects, including earlier field trials off the coast of Palm Beach County, resulting in steps taken towards integrating x/y location data into the USCG search and rescue system.

*** IT Subcommittee Meeting ***


We would like to invite all of the City, County and other organization GIS Managers to our  IT Subcommittee Meeting right after the regular meeting. We  would like to invite you to share and talk about the projects that could be beneficial to all parties.

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