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GIS Technician – city of Lake Worth



Salary Range: $16.01/hr – $17.61/hr

Closing: TBD

This position performs duties to assist in maintaining the Geographic Information System Property files and the land Management Property files for the City including coordination of property updates from the County, address updates from the appropriate City departments and premises updates based upon input from the appropriate agency. The incumbent will work GIS software and computerized land management software to maintain these databases, create reports, create maps and provide generalized support of users of the Geographic Information Systems.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Assist with the operation, maintenance, collection and documentation of new GIS standards, methods, and assets; assists with the addressing functions of the City of Lake Worth to include, but not limited to addressing of new parcels and plats’ addressing of re-plats; processing changes of address requests; and maintaining the Geographic Information System property files and the Land Management Property files for the City; scans, rectifies, and enters data attributes, checks for errors and verifies accuracy, makes required corrections and edits/refines GIS data as necessary; participates in the design, development and creation of databases, maps and other related projects; works with the GIS Planner to ensure that the GIS Property Database and the Land Management System property files contain accurate and reliable information required to provide the analytical and reporting capability that is needed by the City; data entry, digitizing and data manipulation procedures for GIS;

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of and proficiency in the use of computers and operating systems; knowledge of input/output devices such as digitizers and plotters; knowledge of modern GIS systems methodologies, techniques, and tools; knowledge of relational databases technology; knowledge of two or more of the following: ArcGIS, ArcInfo, ArchView, Oracle 8i spatial; ability to use personal productivity PC tools; ability to express oneself clearly and concisely both orally and in writing;

Education and Experience: Associates degree or advanced degree in Computer Science or Programming and one (1) year working experience in computer applications such as CADD or GIS; experience with Windows operating systems in a network environment and ArcGIS or ArcView software on a Windows based workstation platform, preferred

Certifications and Licenses: must possess a valid Sate of Florida driver’s license

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