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Ever wonder what GIS Utopia is?

City of Wellington

Please join us on Thursday, Jun 20th at 10:00 am for our bi-monthly open meeting to be held at the Vista Center. (2300 N Jog Road, West Palm Beach Room: 1st Floor East Wing Room 58 & 59)

Topic: Ever wonder what GIS Utopia is?

Presenters: Nicole McPherson, GISP – GIS Analyst ; Nestor Navarro, GISP, MCSA – GIS Manager; Christian Nakotey – GIS Technician; Tom Amburgey – Chief Information Officer.

Village of Wellington

Summary: Ever wonder what GIS Utopia is? Well, we hope you would agree that it’s standardized data. At least that is what GIS utopia for Wellington is. But figuring out who is designing and approving that standardized schema is not an easy task. Wellington started its standardization journey by staying in sync with Palm Beach County’s streets and addressing schema. When we realized how well this worked, we knew we needed to transform the rest of our data into something more. We wanted utopia! In comes ESRI. We all know ESRI has tons of great tools, online maps, applications and more already built, so Wellington started looking at everything they had and decided to take a giant leap of faith and moved its entire GIS library into ESRI’s Local Government Model. This allows us to use standardized resources that are already available, are easy to use, and of course, look great. Please join Wellington GIS as we discuss our trials & tribulations in reaching GIS utopia by moving into ESRI’s Local Government Model.



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