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Using 3D Buildings to Enhance GIS Datasets

3D Condos
Date: August 16th, 2012 at 10am3D Condos
Location: Palm Beach County Vista Center
Presenters: Christine Schluter and Bruce Harris

Creating, Displaying and Managing Condos and other 3D structures in a traditional 2-Dimensional environment can often present challenges for those working with these datasets. By using 3D GIS technologies to render these buildings users can get a much better perspective of spatial positioning while at the same time still have the ability to access associated databases which house attributes necessary for important decision making.

Plats containing dimensions of individual units were used to construct a 3D structure within a GIS that accurately represent interior units. This technology has benefits in several industries including property mapping and management, assessment and emergency management. This data format can be useful in displaying additional information such as relative locations of elevators and stairwells that can benefit users who may rely on it for effective navigation within a building.

We will be looking at how these datasets are derived, current applications and discuss potential future applications of this technology.


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